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7″ now available for pre-order!
July 9, 2009, 8:07 pm
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You can now pre-order a copy of the 7″ single through Half Machine Records. Here is the website:


Pao Gasol is rumored to have purchased a copy for every member of the Los Angeles Lakers this morning, so inventory is probably pretty low already. Act now!

Also, the rest of the album is shaping up nicely. We recently “found the formula,” as you’ll see on this video…


Jumbling Towers Headlines (News in Brief)
May 19, 2009, 6:57 pm
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This just in:  Ronaldhino, the soccer player, has asked us if he can permanently embed “He’s a Cop Now” into his Brazillian national team alternate-away jersey.  We said “yep”.

This just in: TBS has asked us if they can buy the guitar riff from “Pure Jew” so their internal guy can make a theme song out of it for a new black comedy series by Tyler Perry, who we’ve not heard of, but is allegedely popular in cities like Detroit.  Negotiations are on the table right now.  We’re asking for $275 but they’re down around $188.50.

It was a tough negotiation process. We brought some rhubarb pie, though, which eventually tipped the scales.

It was a tough negotiation process. We brought some rhubarb pie, though, which eventually tipped the scales (Ted Turner loves rhubarb).

This just in: We’ve been speculated by a team of professional predictors in Copenhagen to be nominated for best band at the 2011 Grammy’s.

This just in:  We won’t be touring with Franz Ferdinand during winter solstace like we thought.  We will play the disk version of “Michael” through the PA during our sets though.

We believe this was a good business venture for all parties.

We believe this was a good business venture for all parties. Tyler Perry was quoted saying, "With the Pure Jew organ riff on the docket, I feel like I can finaly do my thing." It's too bad T-Perry doesn't know he just bought the guitar riff, not the organ riff. The organ riff is in a bidding war right now between Top Chef and The Amazing Race Season 9. We won't tell him, though.

7 Inch Coming Soon…
April 24, 2009, 10:58 pm
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We’ve been fortunate over the last few months in that two of us have purchased gas grills and also in that we’ll be releasing an ultra-limited edition 7 inch in the UK on Half Machine records sometime in the near future (release date soon).

That said, for you non-UKers we’ll have 50 copies to sell here in the states for big bucks cause that’s what this band’s about now–big bucks (just voted on it)…so like $10 probably…really, more like $8 if you put up any sort of fuss in person.

The 7 inch will also release digitally and will feature Kanetown and a song called Gilberta…so all you hoods can buy that on ITunes after you pick up your vinyl and we’ll get like 33 extra cents from your support which believe me can go a long way.

The lp is just about done as well, but who knows when we’ll release that considering we don’t even know when the single’s coming out.

While you wait, however, we plan on making some “in the studio” videos that will likely be funny only to us and kind of indulgent in a sick way, but we’ll try to include MP3 snippets or something on each of them…(MP3 snippets?)  Another thing you ought to do while you wait is read the New Testament.

here’s some important info… another compilation
April 2, 2009, 6:49 pm
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The proud team from Bathysphere (a missouri squad that does music reviews and such) have included “The Kanetown City Rips” on their most recent production called Bathtime: The Missouri Music Compilation. We are pleased as well to see a big jump from being the last song on emusic’s comp, to be the second to last song on Bathtime. Every day is a chance to make little improvements.

Check it:




In similar news, Jumbling Towers has announced that they are switching genre (officially). They will now be classified under the “compilation-core” subcategory of “fag-shit-core”.

The rest of the album that this song will eventually go on is nearing completion.

Thank you.

Single Available Exclusively at Emusic.com
February 13, 2009, 9:54 pm
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You can buy our new song along with 15 other dope ones at emusic.com- part  of a rad comp.


This is the Emusic compilation. No, actually this is just the cover.

This is the Emusic compilation. No, actually this is just the cover.

If you do buy it and tell us that you bought it we’ll also send you a signed wallet-pic of Kirk Douglass. First come first serve on that.  Nigel has a few available from his holllywood memorabilia store…

Sinbad: Kanetown: Bitches
February 11, 2009, 9:00 pm
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Sinbad rejected us when we asked him to help engineer the record.

Sinbad rejected us when we asked him to help engineer the record.

We got a call from Sinbad this week asking what the heck we were talking about with all this kanetown city garbage and I said “blow me a river Sinbad” and he said “Naw” and I said “what!” and he said “for real, waht’s up with this. spit at me.” and I said “I don’t really know” but told him I’d blog something about it cause it keeps me fresh to write on my keyboard.

So, explanation necessary or not, this album is about this fictional place where these roughneck kids made music in 1981… Why ’81? mostly cause our synths are from that era and the rest of our gear might as well be after touring on our 2.7-wheeled trailer. Also cause it feels like our production flaws will be better received in that context.

Anyway, these ruffian, probably bi-racial kids had to leave an already rough slum of sorts, probably near Detroit,  for reasons unkown and re-establish themselves among the rubble of an abandoned industrial/railroad hub.

They face all kinds of challenges and such as you’ll hear on the record, what with it just being them and all, and this little single is the album closer.  After a tumultuous day and unimproving circumstances, the kids all gather around their industrial fire searching for a flickr (ha? see how i spelled that?) of hope.

Our friend Lonnie said this reminds him of something he wrote about in 4th or maybe 7th grade, back when he wanted to be an author and I said “Lonnie, don’t talk stuff” and he said “but those are good memories” and I said “really?” and he said “Yeah. I mean, my parents weren’t divorced and Papa Hulu was still alive and….” and then I cut him off.

Sinbad also wanted to remind “Yo whole generation” to re-check out First Kid which he said gets better every time he sees it.

Single, E-Music, Sela Ward, Goats
January 22, 2009, 11:56 pm
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First off, the phrase of the day is “forge away, slip behind”.

Secondly, thanks to actress Sela Ward, we will soon have a 3 paragraph biography that will serve as a tool to give us a professional appearance. Sela has been working on this since 2006 so please be kind in your critiques.

Sela Ward writes most of Jumbling Towers' paper print

Sela Ward writes most of Jumbling Towers' paper print

Thirdly, we’re releasing a single from this new album in a few weeks or so, and that single will also be on an e-music compilation.  E-Music, we’ve learned,  is doper than even Don Cheadle, which few things in the world are, so that should tell you something.

Fourthly, and perhaps of most importance, we’re having trouble finishing our single so if anyone has any suggestions on how to track the sound of a goat milking, please let us know.  We’ve been on Salizar’s farm for like 9 days trying to get his goat to produce and it just won’t.  Our sm-57 is ruined from holding it underneath the goat and the goat laying down like a chump would, right on the mic…total bull.

Salizar, His Goat

Salizar, His Goat